Vehicle Features Can Help Consumers Obtain The Cheapest Auto Insurance

Consumers who are looking for the cheapest auto insurance policies often neglect certain key features that can help them to obtain better rates. While it is important to compare policies from different companies and locate coverage options that can lower premium costs, those comparisons are not the only way to reduce prices. A vehicle’s safety features can also have a dramatic impact on cost.

Anti-lock brakes

Many consumers are unaware of the fact that the presence of anti-lock brakes on a vehicle can often lower policy rates by as much as five percent. Automatic braking systems are designed to prevent drivers from losing control of their vehicles in situations where traction is minimal and vehicles need to be slowed down suddenly. Many new vehicles come with the systems already installed.

Air bags

Tens of thousands of lives are saved each year by air bags. These safety features are mandatory for newer vehicles, and insurers provide discounts for medical coverage premiums on automobiles that utilize the technology. Drivers who own older vehicles should check to see whether these features are present in their autos.

Stability control

The latest computer technologies are able to help cars, trucks, and other vehicles avoid spins and other types of control issues. They help to ensure better traction through the dynamic use of sensors and on-board computer systems. Because they reduce the risk of accidents, insurers provide significant premium discounts for vehicles that have this technology.

NHTSA rating

Drivers should discover their vehicle’s National Highway Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA) rating. This rating is a reflection of how well the vehicle has performed in laboratory crash tests. A solid rating based on overall crash safety can qualify any vehicle for substantial policy cost savings from the insurer.

Offer the information

Of course, most consumers will have to bring these features to the attention of the insurer. Often times, many providers will not offer information about available vehicle coverage discounts. Every driver should take the time to sit down with his agent and go over every safety feature on his vehicle to ensure that every single available discount is identified.

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