Along with the fast pace of the world, technology has flourished with the invention of thousands of new devices and there have also been considerable

updates and upgrades to the devices that are currently in use. Mobile Computers are nothing but remote computing devices which help the users to perform computational activities through a small display screen available in the device. The invention of these devices can be said to be the starting point of a new era which has enabled the computer users to handle their day to day chores effectively, which they were otherwise doing using their desktop computers. The new invention helps the users to be in touch with their business or organizational activities throughout 24/7 which has proved to be highly effective and profitable.

The advent of these luxury devices have not only made everyone’s life easy but has also shrunk the world and made them quite compact. The specialties of these devices are that they are easily portable, do not require any cable to be connected with a network and are handy too. The wireless connection between the remotely located Internet service provider and the mobile computer is established through the wireless computing devices and battery powered communication devices. The different types of mobile computer devices include laptops or notebooks, smart mobile phones and PDAs.

A laptop or notebook is a type of mobile computer which is a smaller version of a desktop computer. Laptops are usually connected with wireless LAN or wireless WAN technology. A laptop can be used to perform all the activities that are performed by using a traditional desktop computer. As a laptop runs with a charge contained in one single battery, it is a great device in limiting power consumption. There are various types of laptops which vary in their look and utility based on the brand, configuration and their cost.

Personal digital assistants, or PDA in short, are handheld or mobile computers which are pocket-sized computing devices with a small display screen and miniaturized keyboard. They can also be operated through the touch screen user interface. PDAs are gaining in popularity because of their incredible size and their potential to perform almost all the tasks that can be performed by the traditional desktop computer. Smart phones are no less functional. They are nothing but mobile phones which also include all the features of a desktop computer. The system enables the user to access the internet and to be readily reachable by email. The invention of the mobile computers has not only made it easy for the users to readily access their personal and official documents, but has also helped to save a huge amount of time which, when used productively has helped to increase the growth of a business tremendously.

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